If you don’t know where to go this year on your next vacation, and you have a few weeks to spare, St. Petersburg in the state of Florida might be the place that you should visit. It has a lot to offer including activities that will allow you to see beautiful sea creatures like manatees and dolphins. You can also see the sunset from the West Coast of Florida, a place where some of the finest sunsets could be seen. If you like museums, there is the Dali Museum that so many people have heard of. He made so many surreal paintings, ones that are just hard to understand or imagine how he came up with these ideas.

How Can You Take A Tour Of The City?

A tour of the city can happen in three different ways. First of all, there is the Tampa Bay CityPASS which is one of the more popular attractions in St. Petersburg. It’s just about $100, perhaps a little more, and you get to do many different fun things. If you enjoy parks, Sawgrass is the place that you need to go if you want to see a few gators. If fishing is what you want to do, but you don’t want to go out on a boat, the Skyway Fishing pier is a wonderful place to relax in the morning and afternoon.

What Water-Based Activities Are There?

If speedboats are your thing, the one in St. Petersburg is going to really be exciting. You get two hours out on Tampa Bay, moving at accelerated speeds. If you prefer something slower, there is always a private yacht charter that you can rent, and this will take you up and down the coast. You can also take Private Sunset Cruises which are little more inexpensive, and provide you with some of the best views that you will see while you are staying in the city.

After you are done, whether that is a week or two, you will not want to leave. It’s hard to imagine that people actually live in a beautiful place like this. This is where the water is always warm, and so is the weather, pending a few rainstorms that come from time to time. But that is definitely the worst that you will experience, regardless of when you go, when you go to the city of St. Petersburg on your next vacation.